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Heraldry and Vexillology - What is Vexillology?


Vexillology comprehends all the knowledge about flags. It is important to state that today’s manifestation and importance have to be looked at in the course of historical times. Furthermore, it deals with the history of flags and their development. From now on the design and the production of flags are essential and are very much cared about. A closer look at the classifications and arrangements is important for better understanding of flags itself. Last but not least, both the knowledge about the appropriation and the usage of the special language used in vexillology are maintained in a considerable way. Without any such specific knowledge or the above-mentioned terms would be considered as meaningless.

For a more detailed analysis and study of flags, we can study the following:
- Appearance and meaning in the history of mankind
- Their history and further development
- Methods of design and production
- Classification and arrangement
- Usage and appropriation
The idea of Flaggentum dates far back in time (cca. 4000 years). Because of the comprehensiveness and complexity that we are faced with when asked: ’What is a flag?’ a variety of answers are possible depending on the point of view from which the answer has been derived.
For a general understanding the following basic questions are explained and commented upon:


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